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Staycationista General Information
We’re travel explorers and your hotel savy friend sharing insider deals and the local inside scoop on the best places to stay and things to do in South Florida. As Florida residents, you’ll enjoy the best available rates and most valuable perks on your staycation.
Inside access to the lowest rates and most valuable perks with the best hotels in South Florida. We also give great suggestions of things to do, experiences, and places to do within your areas of interest (completed on user profile or by browsing the Events and South Florida section of our website).
You can become a member of the site, however, you will not receive the rate and perks available unless you’re a Florida Resident. Proof of residency is required by each hotel at the time of check-in.
We want to make sure your user experience is customized to your preferences. By completing your user profile, we can highlight special deals on hotels that you’ve favorited, offers for a specific occasion such as a birthday or wedding anniversary, and also things to do in your areas of interest.
Membership is free. We also encourage our members to complete their user profile so that we can share the most valuable information to their interests and special deals.
Rates & Perks
No, our rates are the best available or lower than the best available rate online or by calling the hotel. We have specially negotiated the rates and perks (value added benefits) for Florida residents.
The hotels in our collection are all properties that the co-founder of Staycationista have personal relationships with and which they would personally recommend to family members and friends. That being said, we’re always adding new hotels while maintaining the integrity of our collection. If there’s a hotel you’d like to see on the site, please email us at support@staycationista.com
Reward Members
Yes, you will still receive your reward points at the respective program for each hotel, however, your member number will have to be given at the time of check-in.
Florida Residency Requirements
Please see the link to the section of our site with the information on valid proof of Florida residency to be presented at check-in to the hotels.
Yes, you can make any special requests by contacting the hotel directly after receiving your confirmation letter.
First, be sure to check your confirmation letter and verify the information is correct. In the event that there is a misunderstanding, please contact our support team at 305.907.8282.
You can cancel your reservation by going to your user profile and going to your current reservations then selecting “cancel reservation”
Changes to the dates of an existing reservation cannot be made through our website. Rates and availability are subject to availability.