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Things To Do in Fort Lauderdale

What´s happening in Fort Lauderdale

Fun things to do in Fort Lauderdale and some of the best places to visit in Florida are included in this short list. As Floridians that love showing off the best this state has to offer, we've carefully selected the places we can´t miss whenever we're in town for a short visit.

Hey, Floridian staycationers!

Have you had a chance to participate in a Cycle party, take a tour of the Everglades or visit the largest butterfly aviary in the world? Not yet?

You can plan a quick getaway to Fort Lauderdale to experience all this and more.

There's always time for a staycation and Fort Lauderdale Hotels offer incredible service and many perks for local tourists.

Great excuses to see the best of Broward

Is it your birthday? Sure, you could stay at home, plan a small party with your friends and family and be done with it… OR! You could plan a memorable weekend getaway in Fort Lauderdale.

B Ocean Resort. Your weekend could look like this:  

Staycation. Day 1

  • Wake up to an amazing view of the ocean in the B Ocean Resort. 
  • Eat breakfast in bed.
  • Make some new friends. Head to the courts to play volleyball on the beach with tourists from all over the world.
  • Table at the Beach Bar & Grill. Eat fresh seafood, it’s so good you’ll want to have lunch twice. 
  • Go to the spa. Pamper yourself.
  • Take a water taxi to Las Olas Boulevard. Stroll down the blocks towards a memorable shopping experience in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Wine & Dine. Las Olas has several incredible restaurants, choose the one that suits your mood bests. 
  • Fancy a steak: find a table at Chima Brazilian Steakhouse. It’s always sizzling!
  • Looking for succulent pasta? Head to Mangos, in the heart of the Las Olas Boulevard area. Try the Las Olas lemonade and enjoy the live music. 
  • Head back to the hotel
  • Cool off in the pool till daybreak. Stay in the water as long as you want, drink cocktails poolside with your best friends.


If you are a bike fan, you will probably enjoy the Cycle Party. Take your friends with you, enjoy the busy streets of Florida from another perspective.  

Would you prefer to bike on a scenic route? We recommend the Hollywood Broadwalk. A short distance away from the hotel in Fort Lauderdale where you are staying, Hollywood offers a pedestrian promenade where you can enjoy a bike ride while overlooking the coast.

  • Stop at one of the cute cafes, drink some fresh-made organic juice
  • Buy an incredible ice cream cone.

It’s the kind of wholesome fun you’re never too old to enjoy: ice cream, sun and bikes. The perfect combination.


Fort Lauderdale is considered the Venice of America, because of all the waterways. Boating the New River is a popular activity. Ready for a splash? You can sign up for some boating adventures like:  

  • Riverfront Cruises
  • Jungle Queen Riverboat
  • Eco Boats Fort Lauderdale


In these swamps there are crocodiles and alligators so large they could probably swallow you whole. But that doesn’t scare you away from the Everglades does it? Experience the unique beauty of Florida’s exotic landscape.

  • Everglades Airboat Tour
  • Everglades Day Safari

Come back soon!

Did you run out of time to experience all the fun in Fort Lauderdale? We bet you will be visiting again soon. Let us know if there are more activities you recommend.