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The hottest food trends: "Ghee" in Miami

We love sharing hot new food trends in Miami. Finding great food is a big deal in South Florida because there are so many options out there.

We know you love revisiting your favorite bistros and ordering that special dish that always hits the (happy) spot. But sometimes you need to shake things up a bit.

Try something new!

We love trying exotic dishes, the more exotic the better. That’s why we can’t wait to see what’s inside Ghee’s menu.

“Ghee” means pure in India, and "pure" means delicious in Dadeland

Chef Niven Patel left his post at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink a couple of months ago in order to concentrate all his efforts into opening his own restaurant.

He has been working in collaboration with his wife Shivani and the couple is finally ready to open the doors to their first restaurant: Ghee Indian Kitchen in Dadeland.

Want to eat something exotic in South Florida? Try some elephant ears

Yup, we said elephant ears, but they’re not what you think. The plant Colocasia esculenta is a staple food in India also called taro, eddoe or elephant ears, because it’s large leaves are easily compared to the pachyderm ears. There are several varieties of the plant, and several parts are consumed, not only the leaves.

At Ghee you can taste elephant ears in their signature dish “patra”: a rolled and fried vegetarian dish that includes elephant ears, chick pea paste, lemon juice, dried chilies, sesame seeds, and spices.


Curious? Check out this Gujarati Patra recipe.

Ghee wants to invite you to their table

Niven and Shivani want to bring back childhood favorites, Indian comfort foods, and honest, stripped down home-cooking inspired dishes that you won't see in other any other restaurants.

The idea is to hold back on the curry powder and offer savory dishes that might actually be served on an indian family’s table.

The seasonal menu will include local produce, home-grown veggies from Rancho Patel, and hand-crafted sugar cane sodas.

Sounds tasty... I’m intrigued!

If you’re living in Dadeland, or passing through on a Staycation in December make sure to pay a visit to Niven and Shivani at Ghee. you can find them at 8945 SW 72nd Pl. in Downtown Dadeland.  

Thumbs up if you’re a Miami foody!

We hope this article got you thinking about trying something new in Miami. Want to hear about other food trends in South Florida? Comment below if you have a craving for Miami style Indian food.