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Hot & Sexy Miami Brunches. The best of South Beach Cuisine

This promises to be the most mouthwatering post on this blog. We want you to really imagine the taste on your tongue: the unique sweet and spicy flavour of South Beach’s best cuisine is featured here.

Miami brunch. What’s that like?

Everything in Miami is hot & sexy. Even brunch!

You already know that “brunch” designates that sweet spot in the middle of the morning when late-birds that didn’t get the worm are forced to make sense of the leftovers. With a little creativity, waffles and fried chicken can become the perfect combination to fill your stomach with comfort food your grandma would be proud. That savory -almost naughty- combination of fried or buttery, salty, carbed up dishes with sweet marmalade or chocolate glaze, fresh fruits, bacon… that’s brunch.

Brunch in Miami combines an eclectic array of tastes from different cultures. You will find traditional pancakes mixed with cajun chicken or cornbread with jam and bacon, eggs benedict with BBQ roasted toast. Hamburger for breakfast? Yes! Anything is possible in Miami.

Normally, brunch is more of a Sunday thing, because people have to get to work early during the week. But Miami is a non-stop party city, and there’s always a restaurant, a cafe, or a food truck around the corner willing to whip up a meaty, energy restoring brunch.  And because no one can say no to a mimosa here, it’s perfectly normal to wash everything down with just enough booze to brighten up your day.

Brunch time (9:30)

We know you have a mild hangover from partying at The treehouse, but it’s brunch time. Get out of bed! The only way to get rid of that headache is to carb up.

So it’s time to hit the streets early and grab a table at one of Miami’s favorite brunch serving restaurants, don’t you think?

Discover the best of what Miami has to offer following this scrumptious Instagram account:


Brunch Miami: The Best Miami Brunches by @TonyGuerraMiami brunchmiami.com

Tony’s close up photos of every brunch he tries will have you salivating in no time. Take note of what he’s eating and make an appointment with that same sandwich for next Sunday.


You can also see a complete list of restaurants that offer Sunday brunch menus. Contributions to the list titled Miami's 16 Essential Brunch Spots, Spring 2016, were made by Natasha Castro and Olee Fowler. Want to see what their brunch looks like? They also have an Instagram account!

Save the best for last

If you are really serious about brunch and want to make sure you choose the right restaurant, think no further than Zagat. The magazine and APP allows passionate locals to rate and review their dining (and brunching!) choices, making it the ideal place to find the ultimate Miami brunch experience. We highly recommend their feature article “The 10 Best Brunch Dishes and Drinks in Miami” by Michelle Muslera.

According to Michelle and Zagat, some of the dishes you are definitely going to want to try next brunch are:



We hope you enjoy these succulent brunch suggestions and would love to hear your comments.

Hopefully, Miami’s unique deliciousness -packed with spices from all around the world- will keep you trying new things and enjoying every Sunday to the max.

Have you tried any of these dishes? Are you planning to eat brunch at any of these restaurants?

Bon appetit!