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7 Beach Photography tips for your Staycation




Beach photography can be tricky. If you are a frequent flyer, vacation junkie or staycation fan, you might consider taking pictures one of the most common and practical ways to keep your treasured memories for the future.

Here are a couple of tips to take your beach photography from amateur to pro the next time you’re on the sand enjoying the horizon.


Unforgettable Staycation moments

If you live in South Florida you won’t have to go too far to find something beautiful to shoot with your camera. How many precious beach sunsets have you seen? Do you know how to photograph them? Whether you’re traveling or on Staycation you might want to capture those incredible views, beautiful hotel rooms, and special moments with your camera or phone to make sure they stay in your mind and heart forever.


Beach photography

In South Florida, we love to hit the beach, so taking good pictures of all those natural and beautiful views is essential. Although taking a good picture is not an easy task, we are going to share some tips and ideas you can implement to shoot all those beach views like an expert:

  1. Look for focal points: Photography is about angles and perspective. You can think outside of the box and try some new ways to capture that beautiful view you have in front of you. The beach brings incredible opportunities if you have the ability to look beyond the cliché shots. Go forward, go to the water’s edge and see what’s in your frame from that angle, sure you’ll find some good shots from there.  



  1. Timing does matter: Dawn and sunset are great opportunities to capture incredible landscape pictures and the beauty of the beach. Also, they give interesting effects of shadows and colors.

shutterstock_206500615 (2).jpg

  1. Get your eyes on the Horizon: The Horizon can become a problem when you are trying to get a great shot on the beach. It constantly gets out of the frame, but surely you have to work hard to keep the horizon square to the framing of your shot. It’ll look great!


  1. Bad weather could mean good shots: Although it could sound dangerous, bad weather creates great beach scenes.  Stormy seas, threatening and dramatic clouds and windy scenarios make the perfect atmosphere for your shots.


  1. Beware of the exposure: Sometimes it is hard to get the perfect shot when it’s too sunny and bright. If your camera has a manual mode it can be easier to control since you can select the level of exposure, so feel free to experiment with different levels and find the best fit for your images.


  1. Flash even when the sun is on: Sometimes it’s hard to shoot portraits at the beach because there’s always a shadow on people’s faces. You can try switching on your flash and forcing it to fire when shooting, so the shadows would be eliminated. Feel free to try different levels of control over how strong your flash is, so you can choose the one you need for shooting.


  1. Black and White: Even though beach colors are beautiful, you can get beautiful images by photographing in black and white tones. You’ll completely change the look and feel of your shots, so it’s a good idea when you want to bring to life some pictures you thought weren’t successful.